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Gyakusou Vol​.​1

by Curbside Jones & Ballhead

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JALENKWRIGHT Curbside Jones's former idols have now become rivals; on the title track, he purposefully raps over familiar samples with fresh renditions courtesy of Japanese beat maker Ballhead. Piquing interest in the reality television series 'Terrace House' somberly culminated in subtitling the closing track in memory of the cast member who committed suicide shortly before 'Gyakusou' was released. Albeit tragic timing, the title decision remains in good taste as it underscores the song's self-love message. Favorite track: Terrace House Flow (One4Hana).
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Swellthy I love how different Curbside is with his flows and beat choices. The swing is immaculate, had to cop! #SupportIndieArtists

-Swellthy Favorite track: Coffee Stains ft. Muma.
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Soul Dragon Selects Dope lyrics over solid beats Favorite track: Gyakusou.
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Gyakusou 03:41
Verse 1 Arm leg leg arm head, created exodia/ Serving up ambrosia, weak palettes exposing ya/ If the shoe fits click and expedite the shipment/ Can't combat the abridgments, smacking off ya pigment/ put that on cathedral my prequel is too lethal/ Too cerebral to minimize the impact, we ain't equals/ No gas, can't be king of the hill, you afraid of heights bro/ They say the sky's the limit, we ain't taking the same flights bro/ Geronimo...what's a Mufasa to an Aslan?/ Madman, last dance, battle to the last man/ Cant move with two left feet tripping over laces/ Pending status, statements of greatness never baseless/ You hopeless, I Never lost focus with my opus/ Damn the prose hit on some pro shit, oh shit/ Levitating til i get photobombed by moses/ From Nihon to the states we bout to swarm like locusts/ Hook x2 We gotta keep it moving, keep the pressure relentless/ We putting in that work and handling our business/ What you gonna do when we come through/ These cats running backwards, gots to come new/ Verse 2 Can I rock these issey pleats please where I can get a beach breeze?/ Spent a couple beans just to be like, ayo you peep these/ The early bird checks the forecast and packs an umbrella/ To reap the benefits of the weather, simple math, peep the sum fella/ Shit, I've never been a bloke to entertain a slippery slope/ They stepping into mirros and smoke, my ghost homies giving me quotes/ Take notes.../ Yo I never lost light, pack like plaque when you don't floss right/ shit i never had an off night, keep half stepping in them off whites/ Not stitched from the same fabric, mines designed by Nigo/ Wakarimasen, you really thought you was part of this jinkou?/ you better hit that Google translate for your man's sake/ Heard they wanna box me out but can't even measure the landscape/ Yo, We never running backwards, that's a key for the hackers/ Ballhead we never running backwards, that's a key for the, ayo hol up/ (Hook x2)
[Coffee Stains ft. Muma] Curbside Verse Woke up feeling like my confidence was less opulent/ You can leave the pity party or get shot in it, yo what's popping then?/ Pops said see the bigger picture, couldn't comprehend the captions/ Had to double tap the scripture so my feed could gain traction/ No need crying over coffee spilt on these pink Golf le Fleurs/ When you seek there's often more, can't sink if you offer more/ Keep faith in the most omnipotent, save face with your close sentiments/ Stay vigilant, sentient, benefit from replenishment/ when the well runs dry, wipe the tides from your eyes/ When the well runs dry...aye yo hol up/ My cup runneth over, no Noah left the cobras and vultures/ Light too solar can't approach ya, opposites too polar/ Yo listen, peep the provisions of my divine extensions/ Failed to mention I had to fall before I could find division/ Saw my first choppa before I could swang the whip legally/ Cousins told me to hang it up cuz they needed to believe in me/ Skrrrrt/ Had to drive slow, was Tokyo drifting fast and furious/ Knew a couple cats who lost whiskers for living life curious/ Various nefarious plots plagued my youth/ Stay adjacent or vicarious was taught to say my truth/ Damn can't believe coffee spilled on my pink golf le fleurs/ Had to seek cuz I know there's more...hol up/ Muma Verse 日が昇り動き出す 街の夜に囚われ君を見た 世界は廻る 誰も置いて行かず 振り返ると皆で笑う今 全ては緑でも染め残したライン 為さねばならぬだから為せばさ one time 4 ur mind 明けない夜は無い ILLMATICな日々に綴るONE 小さな画面 流れるゴシップ 無意味 御立派に立ってる中指は見えても 何も見えないんじゃ無いに等しい 唯一の学び それは痛み 外れたレール 人の営み 心に染みる ダチのありがたみ ちょろまかしも笑えたらいいの? me listen オレに出来る事は少ない ラップやビートがオレの価値 コレ何? 死んで売れるならありがたい けれども まだくたばる訳にはいかない 愛を形にコレは旅 道は途中で続きを知る神? 大事にしてるオレなりの何か 赴くままに落書き スピット
Hook x2 This right here's just another love song/ Love song, love song/ Better open your heart before all the loves gone/ Loves gone, love, love, loves gone/ Verse 1 Chilling with my brown skin queen, got me head over CDGs/ Yo my pops was in love when he made me/ Skipping generational curses, repping for now till the hurses/ Used to be young and thirstless, shit i thought love was worthless/ Had to unpack my baggage before I got extra fees/ Heart heavy on the scale, making me weak in the knees/ I'll travel the world for you, give up diamond and pearls for you/ 1st anniversary in Harajuku, sharing a world view/ Passport stamped up making love overseas/ Overpleased, mom was in love when she made me/ Yo I know its ominous, taking a leap without confidence/ keep your light prominent and youll conquer it with dominance/ I promise this, cupid traded in the bow for a draco/ Heard he got accomplices for those who wanna lay low/ Pull up times wasting, shoot yo shot and praise em/ Gonna tell my kids I was in love when I made them/ Hook x2 Verse2 Looking in the mirror at this small gap and crooked tooth/ Refused to smile for a while cuz I couldn't see my truth/ Gotta love myself before I let anyone complete me/ Yo I was scared to fall cuz i thought nobody was beneath me/ How am I supposed to compete without muscles like them dudes in them videos/ Laying up late at night tripping over the trivial/ Felt like I wasn't important, didn't fit the perfect portrait/ Yo I Was ready to forfeit, but my wife said I was gorgeous/ Took me a while to see it, had to feel it before I could be it/ Was stuck on my past traumas and the ways I was treated/ Sticks and stones can cripple, but words can kill an ego/ Tripping, distance had me giving up on people/ Gotta love myself before I could feel completed/ Was feeling like I was cheated, History I can't repeat it/ Telling my kids I loved myself when I made them/ Yo I'm telling my kids I loved myself when I made them/ Hook x2


"In February of this year, Curbside Jones went to work on Gyakusou, Vol. 1, a three-song EP, the first release in a set of three, named after the Japanese term for "running in reverse."

Curbside notes that the Japanese track team of the same name will run in the opposite direction as a representation of their rebel identity and going against the status quo. "I took that idea, of going against the grain, going against the norm. People think it's moving backwards, not forward, but the EP is forward-thinking," Curbside says. "It's taking American rap and putting it over Japanese instrumentation."

The EP was made in collaboration with Japanese producer Ballhead who he discovered while watching Jazzysport Kyoto sessions. Eventually through his previous work with LafLife, he also connected with Japanese rap artist MUMA. MUMA is featured on the second track on the EP, "Coffee Stains."

Overall, the project is bouncy and fun, but very different. In many ways, between the production and the bars, it speaks to the depth of the person that is Curbside Jones, the mastermind behind the EP. Both in solitude and collaboration, he excels in creating islands of hope in a sea of madness. When you step foot in his world, in the less than 10 minutes of modern-day boom-bap that is the length of the first installation of Gyakusou, you feel the chaos of "running in reverse" but instead of adding to the stress of our dystopian universe, it's relieving and hopeful."- Nathalie Phan for On Vinyl Media


released July 3, 2020

Production: Ballhead
Lyrics, Recording, Mixing: Curbside Jones
Additional vocals: Muma

Ballhead appears courtesy of Epistroph records in Tokyo, Japan


all rights reserved



Curbside Jones Austin, Texas

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